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Therapeutic Massage

with Anne-Christin Trost PhD, CMT

Massage is a powerful tool for transformation. Whether you are seeking a massage therapist for stress reduction, relaxation, injury relief, emotional release, pregnancy massage or to cope with chronic health conditions, I will tailor the experience to your needs. Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes.

Community Cupping Clinic

​with Anne-Christin Trost PhD, CMT

Have you been curious about cupping, but had no time to try it out? Join me on Thursdays Noon-1pm, for community cupping clinic. Come on by and experience the time-efficient tension-relief modality of cupping. Originating in Egypt and China, cupping has been practiced for thousands of years. It works by placing suction cups in affected areas. Excellent for relaxation and tension relief. Got a knot in your neck? Tight IT bands? Plantar Fasciitis? Cupping might be for you. 

While the cupping session may only take 10-15 minutes, feel free to spend the whole hour relaxing in the yoga studio and recharging for the rest of your day. 

Since this is a community cupping clinic, be sure to bring clothing that will allow me to access the area you want treated (i.e. shorts or swimsuit if you want IT band work). If you take blood thinning medication or are pregnant, cupping is not for you. 

$20 cash/check or prepay online

I hope to see you soon!



My name is Tom Richards and I am an Advanced Rolfer and Movement Practitioner who is certified by the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. I have extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, as well as therapeutic relationship as it pertains to this work. Other skills I bring are joint mobilization, visceral manipulation, nerve mobilization, and movement re-education. I have been an avid martial artist and instructor  (Wingchun and Escrima) for many many years and it was really that that brought me to be so fascinated by movement, resolving pain, and skill acquisition. I enjoy my work and look forward to sharing this passion with you.


Phone: 707-847-6530

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