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Whether therapy is your first step toward change or one of the last options you've considered, getting the support you need takes courage and strength. Finding a good fit is an important step. My approach to therapy is tailored to your needs. I'll provide a safe, non-judgmental, and honest atmosphere for expressing your concerns. I'll honor your lived experiences, values, and cultures while exploring your strengths and struggles. We'll collaborate to uncover your personal meaning, hopes for the future, and the tools that would best help you to be with what's bothering you in the present.

We'll use our relationship to help you understand yourself and to build more satisfying relationships with yourself and others. While therapy can sometimes be a difficult and serious process, there are ways to incorporate creativity and humor, and we will definitely celebrate your successes.

I work with clients holistically--understanding people as individuals in contexts who hold multiple intersecting identities. My approach is also informed by Gestalt Therapy, Relational-Cultural Therapy, and Mindfulness. I use a strength-based, empowerment, collaborative, and non-judgemental approach that is trauma sensitive. I have training in teaching yoga and meditation and have an ongoing personal practice. I often work with clients who are disconnected from their bodies and incorporate somatic and mindful interventions to increase brain/body/mind integration and strengthen inner resources for emotional and nervous system regulation.


I'm trained as a generalist and have extensive training around disordered eating--my approach is treatment team centered and emphasizes mindfulness, intuitive eating, and radical body acceptance. I work with the emotional, cognitive, somatic, and behavioral aspects of eating disorders.

I provide affirmative therapy for clients who identify as Trans*/Gender Non-Binary. I offer assessments and letters in congruence with the current WPATH Standards of Care for healthcare services (e.g., hormone therapy, surgeries). I work extensively with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, queer community and with people in a broad range of relationship structures (e.g., open relationships, polyamory).


I'm an out-of-network provider for all insurances who can provide statements for insurance reimbursement. I offer a limited number of negotiated low fee slots.

Please contact me if you'd like to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if I could be a good fit for your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

phone: 530.302.5030


Christina Spragg, Ph.D.
Psychologist + Corporate Mindfulness Consultant

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I am fascinated by the resilience of the human spirit and believe that we all

share an inclination to move toward wholeness. At times, we suffer the

painful effects of living a life that is fragmented, or lacks a sense of

meaning and purpose. Perhaps you’ve been carrying around memories of

painful experiences, deep fears about the future, or even shame that

leaves you paralyzed in your journey toward establishing wholeness and

meaning in your life?

I commend you for taking the time to consider options for healing. The

decision to initiate therapy is one of the bravest choices you can make. In

effect, you are deciding to take responsibility for your reactions and choices

that impact the course of your life and this often feels like a great effort.

While the work is challenging, I think you’ll come to discover that having the

guidance of an intuitive, warm, and non-judgmental partner on the journey

will be liberating and empowering.


Clients frequently share gratitude with me for helping them finally learn how

to do the work of changing their lives. They complete therapy with a better

understanding of how their brains, nervous systems, and relational

attachment systems work. They utilize more effective communication

practices, which helps their relationships flourish. They often share that

they have a better understanding of their emotions and needs and feel well-equipped in caring for those unique needs going forward.

Above all, I aspire to hold a safe space for you to gain an understanding of

the root causes of your suffering, and to learn (often through experiential

exercises) how to identify and harness your inner strengths, clarify your

values, and develop skills that will support your living with more freedom

and intention. Often this means working through the underlying causes of

anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. Sometimes it means navigating

difficult relationship or life transitions, parenting difficulties, identity disturbances, and existential concerns.

I am known for being honest, curious, patient, humorous, warm, down-toearth,

and completely human. I truly love this work and often drive home at

the end of a therapy day with tears in my eyes, in awe of the human spirit

and its arc toward resilience.

If you’re wondering about my theoretical approach… I believe that

providing skillful therapy is a science and an art form. Therefore, I utilize

interventions that have firm scientific support and I make it a priority to stay

up to date with current research, ensuring that clients receive the best

treatments available. To honor the unique identities and needs of clients, I

utilize an integrative treatment approach. Each client participates in a

thorough intake evaluation and, together, we create a treatment plan that is

specific to their needs. I often incorporate mindfulness-based treatments,

existential philosophy, and the use of self-directed neuroplasticity (using the

power of the mind to literally change the brain). I have extensive training in

meditation and yoga and incorporate these practices to support clients in

their work when needed.


Reach out to schedule a complementary phone consultation. Today is a

great day to begin your work.


phone: 512.843.1237



Marisa Sinistro, MFT

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Talking is an ancient tool, a beautiful building block.  Talking has generated history, stories, traditions, and perhaps one of the most important—documentations of how to heal.  My work with you is derived from a systemic perspective, that every human must be connected.  This is where therapy becomes amazing.  You can literally be disconnected from every part of yourself and therapy can connect you—if you let it.  I feel confident that our work together will build you a better life, will provide you with the things you need to move forward—towards the direction of healing.  I believe in all things natural and in the healing power of nature.  


I have been working in mental health since 2000.  I understand the complexities of the human plight and have experienced many journeys with my clients along the way.  With clients, I have trudged through the unimaginable, the horrific, the small and the large—ending with the development of more resound human relationships and clients feeling the confidence they need to face the world, once again.  


For me, therapy is very similar to ancient forms of healing—it takes time to heal, quick fixes mask symptoms, but never solve the underlying predicaments, complications, afflictions.  In my own life, I’ve chosen to take the slower road and I think my therapeutic approach reflects this in many ways.  I hope to help you heal at your own pace, but I truly believe that healing is a process—and it will reach far beyond our time together.  I hope to give you the strength you need to return to your chosen path and the vibrancy you’re looking for in your life.


I can’t wait to meet you!


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​Our bodies and minds are inherently oriented toward healing, yet it requires great courage and self-compassion to take the initial step of looking for a right-fit therapist. I honor all that has brought you here and hope to assist in your process by sharing with you a bit about me and how I work.  You are welcome to explore more on my website:

I come to the world of psychotherapy following a decade-long career as a professional birth doula (similar to midwife).  Holding others through intense life experiences has always seemed to draw me, and providing therapy has been an organic and richly rewarding progression of my work in the world.  

In coming together, my first concern is always your sense of trust, and I effort to support our relationship from the start by inviting your expression of personal agency to our work.  It is from this place that we can most deeply address the issues you're bringing to therapy.  Our time together is always yours, and our most trusted ally in the process will be that which allows for the collaborative experience of curiosity and openness as we become aware of what wants to be shifted. I trust your psyche's inner healing intelligence to guide and inform our journey, and our work together will gently explore ways of accessing the parts of you that wish to effect meaningful change. This process can ask of us vulnerability, willingness, and courage.  My commitment to authentic communication and a steady openness to your feedback serve to sustain and fortify the foundation of our work together.  

So, what does this look like in a session?  Some of what we may explore includes mindfulness (present moment awareness), accessing unconscious emotion, somatic experience (physical/bodily experience), deep imagination or spontaneous imagery, "parts" of the self, connection to nature or source, and story/personal myth.  We may use these tools to work through in-the-moment distress or to identify threads of inner wisdom, creativity, and healing.  

If you are curious about our fit based on the many theoretical orientations offered in the world of psychotherapy, you may find the following descriptions helpful. My work is deeply influenced by experiential modalities such as Hakomi, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy). AEDP is an integrative, attachment-focused modality utilizing experiential somatic tools and the experience of affective (emotional) healing.


I aim to support you at your own pace, and to do so with warmth, dignity, and respect.  I welcome your inquiry and invite you to contact me to make an appointment today.  I look forward to connecting with you!


Rebecca L. Shepherd, MA

Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Associate #107928

The Holos Institute

Supervised by Jan Edl Stein, MFC25863

Confidential Voicemail: (916) 520-4630

Therapists have the privilege of experiencing the full gamut of humanity in our offices, and I love that my practice reflects the spectrum of diversity inherent in our social landscape. I work with adult individuals and couples from a full range of ethnicities, ages, genders, sexualities, abilities, identities and walks of life.  


There are certain areas of my professional background that may speak to you as you consider beginning therapy with me. My training and experience are in no way limited to those highlighted below, but they offer a sense of my clinical interests, passions, and exposure. If your area of need is not listed here, don’t hesitate to inquire as to my experience and availability to support you.




We often associate trauma with shocking life events that stay with us and need healing - abuse, an accident, sudden death of a loved one, or other unwanted, unforeseen events. Trauma may also occur before we are able to speak when the attachment bond with our earliest caregivers was disrupted or lacking in ways that now leave us struggling as adults. While explicit memories may not exist, the body does not forget, and we may retain only the vague, felt sense that something is not right. Both forms of trauma involve elements that may be un-rememberable, and yet are accessible for healing when given our spacious and gentle curiosity in the present moment. The art of trauma therapy is in taking our time listening to what is ready to emerge, with greatest care towards your feeling safe and protected in the process. 


Our earliest experiences of relationship form the template by which we perceive reality itself. Studies in the field of affective neuroscience (science of the brain and emotion) have demonstrated that disruptions in early relational experiences can leave us struggling with a variety of issues in relationships later in life. Social anxiety, fear of intimacy, jealousy and insecurity, and difficulty trusting others are common issues experienced by many. In our work together you will heal from stuck patterns that have driven you in circles, and learn new, refreshing ways of relating that are grounded in your own personal truth, authenticity, and ultimately, love. My work with couples is not limited to romantic partnerships, and is open to any pairing in your life that may need care: parent/child, friends, siblings or others.


Having worked with birthing individuals and couples for nearly a decade, I am familiar with the emotional landscape that can emerge once life begins to change in ways we may feel unprepared for. Alterations to one’s physical state, inner world, relationships, and the transformation of one’s identity can leave us reeling as to how to integrate our new sense of self. Fear or anxiety surrounding birth or parenthood are all normal yet difficult experiences. The potential layers of adjustment once a baby is born (sleep deprivation, mood disruptions, changes in one’s intimate relationships, postpartum anxiety or depression) may leave us feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, and even grieving the loss of one’s former self. Birth trauma may add yet another layer of suffering to this already burdensome struggle. New parents deserve an extraordinary level of support that our culture just doesn’t organically provide. I work with people of all genders, as well as couples, to provide consistent care during this tender time.


Humans have been exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness for centuries, most commonly for personal growth and healing. Non-ordinary states of consciousness can be attained through a variety of tools such as rhythmic music, meditation, fasting, and the use of medicinal plants or substances. The FDA has approved multiple clinical trials that are currently underway examining substances that may soon (by 2021) be legally used by therapists to enhance the efficacy of trauma treatments and address issues of pervasive depression, anxiety, and other disorders. I have received specialized training in the facilitation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy via MAPS, and hold a particular interest in research that may soon yield revolutionary gains for emotional and psychological healing. While I cannot legally provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at this time, I have substantial experience working with clients in the integration of their own visionary experiences, and commit to pursuing ongoing clinical training that will align with these changes in the field.


I look forward to connecting with you!


Rebecca L. Shepherd. MA

Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Associate #107928

The Holos Institute

Supervised by Jan Edl Stein, MFC25863

Confidential Voicemail: (916) 520-4630

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