our mission

This space was founded on the following principles:


  • That there can be no individual wellness without community wellness.


  • To promote restorative justice, and explicitly center the well-being of marginalized communities. To welcome practitioners and clients of all ages, gender expressions, sexual orientations, sizes, differing abilities, racial identities, ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, immigration status, physical and mental health diagnoses. To welcome community feedback about how we might do this better.

  • To feature practices that integrate all layers of human experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual/meaning making.


  • Through the above practices, to contribute to social, economic and environmental justice, in Sacramento and beyond.

We believe very few tensions in the mind/body are only physiological or only psychological, and most of them are best addressed within a framework that considers the whole person. These are not new or unique ideas, but we do feel that by housing these services in one location, we offer efficient means to intentionally exploring this interdisciplinary approach.

We named our center after the delta because we feel deeply rooted in this region, and we want our offerings to extend beyond the four walls of our building. You can only experience this integrated state within yourself for so long before you start to wake up to the way we are interconnected to each other and the planet we live on. We hope the tools we offer here lead to healing, at an individual level initially, but ultimately for our society and our world.