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We have transformed the yoga studio into a retail store. Please come visit our store "s'Lädle." (pronounced "sleigh-dleh") which is Southwest German (Schwabian) for "little shop." It's named this to evoke the magic one of the owners felt growing up in Germany, visiting little general stores to pick out penny candy. Our store has a similar magic and mystery to it - you just never know what you'll find! We've got a treasure trove of stuff here, gently loved items from books and records to new and vintage clothing. Our stock is filled out with items from local makers such as hand-poured candles, terrariums, crafts, lip balm and handmade soaps. In person yoga and massage therapy are on hold indefinitely. Visit our about us page and contact practitioners directly to find out who's offering online services.


Tues, Thurs 2-7pm

Wed, Fri Noon-5pm

Saturday 9am-1pm

Sunday, Monday